And again there is an extension of the Corona protection measure.

The self-administration function is now available. But what exactly do we mean by self-administration?

This is an additional authorisation of the employee to be able to document the proofs of immunity for themselves.

You assign the authorisation via the Administration, menu item Staff. To do this, open the desired staff member and check the box "Limited self-administration" in the "Corona protective measures" card on the right.

Right section

Note: The staff member can ONLY record for him/herself with this right and can also ONLY view his/her entries.

In advance: The employee's self-administration is only possible WITH a photo or proof of document. This is a manipulation protection, so that the employee must make a current and, above all, valid entry every day (during tests), which he can prove with the photo.

No photos from the smartphone memory can be used in the app. So also no screenshots from COVID certificate apps. For data protection reasons, we will not access the smartphone's media memory with the smartphone app. This means that the employee has two options to make his/her own record:

  1. Vaccination certificate, convalescence certificate or test are available in paper form or on another device: A photo of this can be taken via the app and uploaded directly in the app. The photo is thus NOT temporarily stored on the end device, but uploaded directly to the cloud.
  2. If he has this evidence as a screenshot or PDF on the smartphone, he can log in on the smartphone via a browser on or (company only has Corona module) and upload the documents from the mobile end device.

Summarised again:

The employee, if authorised, can upload his daily tests, current vaccination or convalescence records himself via the app or desktop version from the smartphone or PC.

You can read how self-administration works in our help article:

Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us!

Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 25.11.2021 um 12:54 Uhr