Legal regulations

are regularly updated by us

Mobile use

Smartphone app for iOS & Android

Time & Overtime Accounts

Overtime is directly visible through target & actual hours listing

various overviews

Daily, weekly and monthly displays


Optimal dovetailing of time recording and leave management

Time recording

Simple working time documentation

Much more than just a holiday

All absences clearly arranged in a calendar

Mobile use

Smartphone app for iOS & Android


Direct reference to overlaps in applying and approving

Holidays taken into account

Public holidays are displayed in the calendar and taken into account when taking leave

ICS calendar

Can be integrated into MS Outlook, iCal or the Google calendar

Holiday management

so much more than just a holiday

Customer management

Book your times live on created clients & projects


Create your own services with vers. Prerequisites

Project rights

Define project managers, project leaders and project members with vers. Viewing rights

Project hierarchy

Overview of target & actual times directly visible in the project hierarchy


Completed projects continue to be stored in the archive and can be reactivated at any time

Projects & Clients

Book times directly to projects

Dovetailing with projects

Employees can only be assigned to assigned projects

Start booking with 1 click

Scheduling is displayed on the dashboard and can be started directly by the employee


Staff absences are taken into account

Target hours

Available target hours of the employees are displayed


Scheduling in the daily view, planning in the weekly view, evaluation in the monthly view

Project deployment plan

Schedule employees directly to projects

legal regulations

various foreign rates according to legal requirements are entered by us

Mobile use

Upload & attach receipts directly from smartphone/tablet/PC

different regions

Regions can be easily selected via a drop-down menu


Approval process to
defined superior of the travel expense report

Automatic calculation

The travel expenses are calculated automatically and listed in a total overview

Travel expenses

applied for with just a few clicks

Allocation of rights

Employees can be given reading rights or editing rights for their own personnel file

Deadlines & Resubmission

Validity, resubmission and deletion periods can be stored for each category.


Regular reports can be exported for all or individual categories

Data protection

The digital personnel data can only be viewed with an assigned viewing right

Master data extension

Employees can request their master data change (name change, address)

Digital personnel file

All documents stored cleanly in digital form


Have internal or external appointments booked in your calendar

Public view

The appointment calendar can be integrated anywhere via a link

individual booking length

Decide on the duration of the appointment windows offered

Occupancy types

Make different types of occupancy available to your customers/colleagues

Own appointment forms

Generate appointment forms individually adapted to you and specify mandatory contents




Manage various resources such as rooms, halls, vehicle fleets and much more.

Public view

Use the booking option public or internal

individual booking length

Decide the duration of the booking periods offered

Occupancy types

Make different types of occupancy available to your customers/colleagues


Create fixed existing equipment or bookable equipment

Resource management

Manage everything in an organised way

Vers. test forms

Define different forms to check your resources

WVL and validity

Set resubmissions and validities to always be up to date

Vers. resources

The test protocols work for different resources (e.g. warehouse shelves, electrical appliances, A cloud solution that simply does its job reliably!uvm).

Digital signature

Sign digitally directly after the inspection without having to print the protocol additionally

Photo documentation

Attach photos quickly and easily to the log to document everything completely

Test report

always up to date

Convince yourself and test fully!