What our system can do

  1. Fill in, apply for and process travel expense claims online directly in the SaaS.de account
  2. Simply upload receipts in the form of scans (pdf, jpg), common documents (docx, xlsx) or photos directly with your smartphone
  3. Regions can be selected in the drop-down menu
  4. Automated calculation of travel expenses

Advantages of our travel expenses

  1. Clear travel expense application
  2. SaaS.de calculates the costs automatically using the data stored in the system
  3. Applicableworldwide
  4. We maintain the various foreign rates for you to make it even easier and more convenient to use

Travel expense report simply online

Travel expense reporting can be a time-consuming and complex task for many companies and employees. To simplify and streamline this process, SaaS.de offers an efficient solution that allows travel expense claims to be completed, claimed and processed online directly in the account.

Simple document management

A decisive advantage of this platform is the simple document management. Receipts can be easily uploaded directly in the form of scans (pdf, jpg), common documents (docx, xlsx) or even photos taken with a smartphone. This avoids the hassle of paperwork and all necessary receipts are available in digital form.

Foreign rates already maintained for you

When settling travel expenses, the consideration of different regions and their different cost structures is of great importance. With the drop-down menu, users can easily select the relevant regions. In addition, different foreign rates are entered by SaaS.de to ensure that the travel expense report complies with the respective legal requirements and rates.

Overall, SaaS.de offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for travel expense reporting that speeds up the process, reduces errors and increases transparency. With the ability to upload receipts in different formats, make region-specific settings and perform automatic calculations, SaaS.de is a valuable resource for companies and employees who need to run expense reports.

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