19. July 2024
The time has finally come: our new shift plan is in the beta phase!
Look forward to numerous extensions!
1. July 2024
From time recording to a comprehensive HR solution: the evolution of our software
In today's dynamic working world, efficient personnel management is essential. Our time recording and leave management software has evolved into a comprehensive HR tool that now also includes a personnel file. The aim of this further development is to unite the entire HR area in a single, user-friendly system. An important step in this transformation was the introduction of modular packages that enable flexible and cost-efficient utilisation.
25. June 2024
Why there are fewer working days despite the leap year 2024
You can find the answer here!
10. April 2024
Is it working time when I go to the doctor?
In general, employees are not automatically entitled to paid time off for medical appointments during working hours. An employee can only claim compensation for working time lost as a result of a doctor's visit if the visit was necessary. This refers to medical urgency such as severe pain or acute illness. For non-acute problems, the employee should try to schedule the doctor's visit outside of working hours.
19. February 2024
Change to the law in 2024: Increased paediatric sick days after the pandemic
Children's sick days 2024 were increased after the pandemic!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
Support times during the 2023 Christmas break
From Sat. 23.12.2023 to Sun. 07.01.2024 only reachable by mail.
A new beginning: Our SaaS.de website relaunch 2023
Read this article to find out what's new.
16. October 2023
Workplace too cold
When is the workplace really too cold?