What our system can do

  1. Customise the design and content of job advertisements
  2. Define your e-mail texts with the generator and activate automatic e-mail dispatch.
  3. Have you been impressed by an applicant? Then create them directly as an employee in SaaS.de based on their application.
  4. Archive, reject and delete applications directly in the system

Advantages of our applicant portal

  1. Save time through automated processes (e-mail generator)
  2. Manage the entire application process in one central location
  3. Flexibility through individual custom isation to your needs
  4. Your data is protected and all legal requirements are guaranteed and complied with

For the employer

  • Simple creation of job adverts: Create appealing and professional job adverts in just a few minutes, tailored to your exact needs.
  • Intelligent management : Keep track of all applications, sort and filter them according to different criteria and manage them in one place.
  • Automated processes: Save time and resources with automated application processes, from confirmation of receipt to acceptance or rejection.

For the applicant

  • User-friendliness: Applicants can quickly and easily apply for your job advert and upload their documents directly.
  • Transparency : Applicants are informed about the status of their application and receive automatic feedback.
  • Interactivity : Increase engagement with interactive and engaging job adverts that motivate potential applicants to apply.

Why use our applicant portal?

  • Time saving: Automate time-consuming tasks and concentrate on the essentials - selecting the best talent.
  • Efficiency: Manage the entire application process in one centralised location, from job posting to hiring.
  • Flexibility: Customise the module to your company's individual needs and integrate it seamlessly into existing systems.
  • Reliability : Rely on a secure solution that protects your data and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

Would you like to take your company's recruitment process to the next level? With our advanced applicant portal, you can create job adverts effortlessly and manage applications efficiently. With the SaaS.de applicant portal, you take the first step towards efficient and successful recruitment.

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