What our system can do

  1. Appointment calendar can be used publicly or internally
  2. Can beintegrated into the website quickly and easily via a link
  3. Own definition of appointment length, block times and appointment slots
  4. Individual design possible
  5. Simple connection to existing calendar systems via ICS

Advantages of our appointments

  1. Set the contents and email notifications individually
  2. Different views (calendar weekly, monthly or list view)
  3. Individual design of the appointment form

The right tool for every target group

A crucial feature is the possibility to make the calendar usable either publicly for customers or partners or internally for employees. This flexibility makes it possible to use the calendar for different purposes and target groups.

Simple integration

It should be possible to integrate the calendar on a website quickly and easily via a simple link. This facilitates the integration of the calendar into the existing online presence of a company and enables visitors to book or view appointments directly.

Adaptable to your needs

Adapting the appointment calendar to individual requirements is another important aspect. This includes setting appointment length, block times and appointment slots to ensure that appointments meet specific needs.

Individual design

The customisable design is another feature that makes the diary adaptable to the corporate design or website. This enables seamless integration and ensures a consistent appearance.

Simple connection to calendar systems

The easy connection to existing calendar systems via the ICS format is also an advantage. This ensures smooth synchronisation and data exchange with other calendars, which simplifies appointment management and enables real-time updates.

Overall, a versatile and user-friendly appointment calendar offers an effective solution for appointment planning and management. The aforementioned functions enable flexible use, adaptation and integration into a company's existing work processes and websites. This promotes efficiency and transparency in the organisation of appointments.

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