What our system can do

  1. Simple creation of resources such as rooms, halls, vehicle fleets
  2. Definevarious equipment options as standard or additional bookings
  3. Capacities and bookabilities are directly visible
  4. Various filter options to find the right free resource even faster
  5. Quick overview of free resources and scheduling options
  6. Book resources directly online yourself

Advantages of our resource management

  1. Use SaaS.de to manage a wide range of resources
  2. Save time without lengthy searching and browsing
  3. Simple and detailed entry
  4. Set up suitable booking options for yourself
  5. Simple application for administrators as well as bookers

Define resources simply

The efficient management and booking of resources such as rooms, halls and fleets is crucial for many companies and organisations. A powerful resource management system offers a wide range of functions that make the process smooth and facilitate an overview of available resources.

Clear bookability

The capacities and bookabilities of the resources are directly visible, which allows for quick and uncomplicated planning. This is particularly helpful in ensuring that the desired resources are available for specific dates.

Filter options for quick results

Various filter options facilitate the search for the suitable free resource. These filters can be set according to various criteria such as location, equipment or available period. This speeds up the process and users quickly find the resources they need.

Simple self-administration

In addition, users can book resources directly online themselves. This increases self-management and convenience, as booking is done without going through a third party. It simplifies the booking process and ensures a seamless organisation of resources.

Overall, a well-designed resource management system offers an efficient solution for managing and booking resources. The functions range from the simple creation of resources and the definition of equipment options to fast and flexible booking. This helps to optimise the use of resources and simplify the workflow.

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