What our system can do

  1. Flexible creation of forms
  2. Resubmission and validity can be defined per protocol
  3. Create the appropriate audit trails for different resources
  4. Put your digital signature under the protocol
  5. Attach photos to the protocols

Advantages of our inspection protocol

  1. Regular notification of deadlines to be met
  2. Digital signature eliminates the need for additional printing
  3. All relevant information bundled in one software
  4. Set up access for different persons with viewing authorisations

Design processes transparently

An efficient protocol system is crucial for companies and organisations to document procedures and make processes transparent. A powerful protocol creation system offers a wide range of functions that simplify and optimise the creation and management of protocols.

Always up to date

Setting resubmission and validity periods per protocol is another significant feature. This ensures that protocols are regularly reviewed and updated as needed. This ensures that protocols are always up to date and comply with applicable standards.

The right test protocol for every process

The ability to create the appropriate test protocols for different resources is particularly relevant in order to meet specific requirements and applications. This enables targeted and precise documentation of processes and procedures tailored to the respective resources.

Legal security through digital signature

The integration of a digital signature under the protocol promotes the legal bindingness and authenticity of the documented information. This facilitates the approval and validation of the protocols and contributes to legal security and bindingness.

Integrated photo documentation

The possibility to attach photos to the protocols is another important feature. This allows for visual documentation of events or conditions recorded in the minutes. Visual information can be valuable additions to the text-based content and help to document facts in a clear and understandable way.

In summary, a well-designed logging system provides a comprehensive solution for documenting and managing processes and procedures. The aforementioned functions help to make logging efficient, ensure compliance and increase transparency in processes.

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