What our system can do

  1. Definecategories for clear allocation
  2. Defineresubmission, deletion and validity periods for each category
  3. Complete documentation of the editing process
  4. Differentiate between read and upload authorisation
  5. Simple assignment of the person managing the document

Advantages of our personnel file

  1. Clear documentation
  2. Simple and innovative handling
  3. Own detached authorisation
  4. selectable per employee
  5. Always informed about current status via reporting

Intelligent structure

With the digital personnel file from SaaS.de, you have all important documents about your employees digitally in one place. An essential function is to define categories to enable a clear assignment of documents. Categories help to organise documents by topic or type, which facilitates subsequent search and access.

Individual transparency

Another important aspect is the complete documentation of the editing process. This makes it possible to trace the entire life cycle of a document, including all changes and activities. This is particularly useful when it comes to ensuring transparency and traceability.

Employee Self Service

The system also differentiates between read and create permissions. This means that only authorised users can access certain documents, while other users have read-only access. This ensures the protection of confidential information and data.

Everything under control - always!

In addition, the system allows you to set resubmission, deletion and validity periods depending on the category. This ensures that documents are automatically reviewed and updated or deleted when they are no longer needed. It thus supports compliance requirements and the reduction of data waste.

In summary, an efficient digital personnel file provides a comprehensive solution for organising, managing and storing documents. It promotes structuring of information, adherence to compliance guidelines and efficient collaboration within the company.

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