What our system can do

  1. Time recording (clocking in/out) also possible mobile and offline
  2. Time account (carry forward / debit / actual / balance) and overtime list
  3. Flexitime days for overtime reduction (only when using the Leave module)
  4. Interlocking with absences of the leave administration (only when using the leave module)
  5. Weekly and monthly summary (debit / actual) also printable

Advantages of our time recording

  1. Our interface is simple & very understandable
  2. Minimal effort in maintaining your data and in the event of changes to legal regulations: "minimum break, public holidays, maximum working hours".
  3. With our apps you can easily record times on the go
  4. Any size of company can use our system
  5. We convince with our system. That is why with us there is
    No notice period and no contract commitment

Location and time independent

The modern working world is leading to more and more flexible working hours in terms of time/place and length. SaaS.de is designed so that bookings can be made from anywhere (on site, in the home office or in the field) on a PC, smartphone or terminal. Thanks to our integrated offline function, flexible mobile booking is also possible without an internet connection.

It could not be simpler

In day-to-day business, booking times can quickly get lost. Often there is not enough time to handle complicated booking processes. That is why SaaS.de has set itself the goal of making the processes as simple as possible. The simple structure of the time account with the listing of the target and actual hours, as well as the balance, makes it easier for supervisors and employees to keep track of the current hours.

Transparency for decision-makers

Figures are becoming increasingly important as a basis for decision-making. The weekly and monthly overviews together with a summary of target and actual times provide a clear overview of the work done. These overviews are also printable, which greatly facilitates the creation of reports and documentation.

Overall, a powerful time recording system helps companies to optimise working hours, keep track of working hours and efficiently manage overtime and flexitime. This promotes transparency and productivity in the company and facilitates compliance with working time regulations and guidelines.

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