We are pleased to announce that we have launched the Applicant Portal as a new module. This first release offers a variety of new features and improvements to make the application process more efficient and user-friendly:

  1. Standard forms for new job postings: Each new job posting now includes the standard forms directly, including personal details, document upload and more to make the application process seamless.

  2. Flexible licensing: The applicant portal is a separate licence module, the price of which depends on the number of active job postings. Only as many job advertisements can be activated as there are licences available.
    We are currently making the applicant portal available free of charge until the end of March.

  3. Validation of form fields: Form fields of an application will be validated where possible to ensure the quality of incoming data.

  4. Extended customisation options: A colour setting for the accent colour enables individualisation of the applicant portal.

  5. Improved contact management: The drop-down menu for selecting the contact person has a search function and only displays active employees to ensure efficient communication.

  6. Integration into the SU area module: The Applicant Portal has been seamlessly integrated into the Self Administration (SU) area to enable holistic management of human resources.

  7. Improved user interface (UI): Various UI adjustments, such as clear separators between title and content, optimised spacing, removal of unnecessary colons and placeholders, as well as consistent tab sizes, ensure a better user experience.

This initial release marks a significant milestone in the development of our applicant portal and we are confident that these new features and improvements will help to make the application process more effective. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

Created by Roth Heiko vor 77 Tagen um 10:00 Uhr