Accessibility is an important aspect of web application development to ensure that people with different abilities and needs can easily access digital content.

To improve accessibility, Aria labels have been implemented, both for the main menu and for the public view of the applicant portal. Aria labels are special attributes in HTML code that are used to provide information about the function and meaning of user interface elements for assistive technologies. By using Aria labels, screen readers can interpret the content precisely and enable users with visual impairments to navigate smoothly.

In addition, a visible focus line (outline) has been implemented for keyboard navigation. This means that users using the keyboard for navigation receive clear visual feedback on which element is currently in focus. This measure improves the user experience for people with motor impairments or for those who use the keyboard instead of the mouse for reasons of preference or efficiency.

Overall, these accessibility features are an important step in ensuring that's services are accessible to all users, regardless of their individual abilities or limitations.

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