Company blog

We have implemented the following functions:

  1. Company notes with time period: You can now create company notes with start and end dates. This function makes it possible to schedule and publish important information precisely.

  2. Pop-up function: We have added a new pop-up function. When activated, the note is displayed to the employee once as a pop-up after login. This ensures that important messages are noticed immediately.

  3. Read confirmation list: A read confirmation list has been introduced to track which employees have read the notes. This feature provides transparency and promotes effective communication within the team.

Applicant portal

The applicant portal has been expanded to include the following functions:

  1. Iframe integration: From now on, the public view automatically recognises whether it is embedded in an iframe. If it is embedded, no toolbars are displayed, which enables a more seamless user experience.

  2. Birthday as a separate form type: To improve automatic matching, we have integrated the birthday as a separate form type. This function makes it easier to match applicants with suitable positions.

  3. Direct creation of employees from applicants: It is now possible to create a new employee directly from an existing applicant. This function significantly simplifies the onboarding process and saves time.

  4. Rejection function: We have implemented a new function that allows applicants to be rejected directly. After rejection, the applicant automatically receives a rejection email.

Trial period

It is now possible to grant holiday entitlement via a checkbox despite the probationary period.

Appointment management

All appointment management emails are now sent asynchronously to ensure that the front end is not blocked.

Project management

When a new employee is created, all project management emails are initially deactivated. Each employee can then decide for themselves which emails they want to receive.


The "Length of attendance" is now based on the maximum working time per day set in the profile and is no longer 12 hours by default.

The log period for access from terminals to the server has been extended to two weeks to make it easier to track problems.

Substitutions are now also displayed in the department calendar of the holiday administration.

The history of the overtime account/time account is now also visible in the time account or overtime account card in the respective month.

Bug fixes

The mandatory project setting in the profile for time bookings now only takes effect when a corresponding profile with this setting is active.

Time bookings over the midnight limit are now also permitted for break bookings, e.g. from 23:25-00:15."

"My account" now also shows the current costs of resource management or room management in the orders.

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