Time recording

GPS obligation for MobileApp bookings: It is now possible to enforce GPS data per employee. If no GPS data is transferred, the booking is subject to authorisation.

Holiday management

Substitutions are now also visualised in the holiday management calendar to enable better holiday planning.

Project management

The project path in tasks is now fully displayed as a tooltip.

In addition, a loading indicator (progress bar) is displayed when loading projects/customers if this takes a little longer.

Resource management

The maximum lead time for serial bookings has been increased from 52 weeks to 156 weeks.

In the calendar, the customer name is now also displayed in the brief overview, if available.

Appointment module

In addition to automatic anonymisation, it is now possible to automatically delete booking and customer data after a defined period of time.

Gender-appropriate language

For testing purposes, we now offer gender-appropriate language in the frontend in two versions, BinnenI & Neutral. Please test these and send us your feedback to Thank you.


An error occurred in the constellation monthly profile, first booking of the day and booking without debit. This led to a queue in the terminal and in the time recording app that was not processed.

There was a leap year bug in the ICS department calendar. A birthday on 28 February was moved to 29 February in the leap year and a birthday on 29 February was moved to 1 March. This has been fixed.

If a child of a combination is deleted, the combination reference is also deleted.

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