1st quarter 2024


Our customers value the user-friendliness of our user interface, which is why we will continue to optimise it in 2024. Our goal is to ensure that our customers continue to be satisfied with our software and service.

SaaS.de now has many modules. These should all be standardised, simple and intuitive to use.


As part of the fine-tuning of the user interface, we will also increase accessibility.

There will be a contrast design.

Standardised shortcuts will also be introduced.

Job portal

In the new year, we are also introducing a new module - the SaaS.de job portal.

With the new job portal module, you can place job adverts, accept applications and process them easily in the system.

The job portal will have a public view that you can embed on your website either as a link or as an iFrame.

2nd quarter 2024

UX/UI or our user interface will be a major topic for us throughout the first half of the year.

Shift plan

We will completely revise the shift plan module and integrate it into SaaS.de with new technology, new operation and new functions.

General revision functionality for all objects

SaaS.de already saves and logs who did what and when for many objects. We will extend this functionality to all objects. You can then display a change history for each object at any time. This will basically be the same for every object.

There will also be an audit area in which all changes will be displayed in chronological order. This will give you an overview of who has changed what if required.

3rd quarter 2024

Centralised authentication

At SaaS.de you have many options for logging in. So that we can offer even more options, we will integrate Keycloak, an identity and access management server, centrally into SaaS.de. We already use Keycloak in our on-premise installations of SaaS.de for large customers. There we connect SaaS.de to an existing Active Directory, for example. This means that SaaS.de has been running together with Keycloak for several years. Only our main installation on SaaS.de does not use it by default.

4th quarter 2024


We plan to further expand our HR / personnel planning and offer the DMS functionality of this module separately.

We will also offer the option of editing office documents directly in the browser.

In addition, it will be possible to integrate all SaaS.de documents directly on the local computer via WebDAV.

End-to-end encryption

Introduction of end-to-end encryption that can be activated, initially for personal data.