advertises with friendly, competent, solution-orientated and fast support. But what exactly characterises support?

We are human and think like humans

We don't know everything! Sometimes we have to look for the cause of the problem ourselves or find the solution together with the customer on the phone.

We have good days, but unfortunately we also have bad days! Nevertheless, we always endeavour to show our kindest, most understanding and patient side.

As already mentioned, we are human beings ourselves and know what it's like when the supporter on the phone tries to put you off or fob you off with an unsatisfactory solution. It is important to us that you do NOT find such supporters at!

We are likeable

As we have already received this feedback more than once, we are of course happy to believe our customers. We want to help and are also happy to have a little chat with our customers from time to time. It's simply more fun when you talk at eye level.

We are convinced of our product is our own product, which we naturally also use ourselves in our company.

We use all the booking options - the time recording terminal, the smartphone app and the desktop version. What we enjoy most is testing new modules and experiencing the development of live.

Everyone has their own favourite way of working with I myself log in and out of our terminal every day, but then spend the rest of the day booking on my desktop. I rarely book live on projects and usually add them before my break or after work. That probably doesn't make me a good role model. But adding times and projects and splitting up the time bookings is also simple and extremely straightforward.

As you can see from my comments, I enjoy working with our software and can therefore provide our customers with competent support and assistance.

We love our job

That's probably the most important point.

We all love what we do. It's simply fun to help. The moment when a desperate caller is at a loss and ends the call satisfied and grateful is just great.

That's why the phrase "Please contact me again if you have any questions or if I can help you" is not just something we say. We really mean it and are happy to help.

Support times during the Christmas break

We now have some important information about our availability over the holidays and the turn of the year.

Our Christmas break runs from Fri 24 Dec 2021 to Sun 09 Jan 2022 inclusive.

During this time, our support team will only be available by email.

You are welcome to send us your support enquiries to"".
Your requests will be processed promptly!

From 10.01.2022 we will also be available again by telephone.

Thank you for your understanding.

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