This is how you get new apprentices who fit you and your company!

We live in a time in which digitalisation is advancing more and more. In the area of trainee recruiting, too, the trend tends towards digital measures.

In addition, more and more young people are pursuing an academic education and prefer studying to traditional in-company training.

In this article, you can read some suggestions on how you can still be attractive to potential trainees or DHBW students.

Classic ways to recruit trainees:

- Publish your job advertisements on the pages of the relevant chambers (IHK, Chamber of Crafts) & associations e.g. BIZ (Berufsinformationszentren), Agentur für Arbeit, etc....

- Take part in training fairs or communicate at fairs that you provide training. Fairs are now often organised digitally.

- Offer an "open day" or individual taster days for potential trainees. There are also contactless possibilities for this. For example, publish a digital tour of the company on your website or publish interviews with employees and especially trainees. This way, a prospective trainee gets a first impression of an apprenticeship in your company and can decide for himself whether he would feel comfortable working for you.

- Enquire at schools in your area whether a school cooperation is possible.

- In addition to vacant apprenticeship positions, keep vacancies for dual studies open.

- Offer an introductory qualification. This enables young people without an apprenticeship to get a taste of the working world in the form of a long-term internship and to prepare for a possible apprenticeship in your company.

- Offer university dropouts the opportunity of in-company training.

New trends for recruiting trainees:

- Venture into the social media world and publish modern and appealing job advertisements on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

- Design your own apprentice account on social media or create a dedicated apprentice section on your website that is all about it. In terms of content, list the training requirements and content of the apprenticeships you offer. Perhaps you can post projects or testimonials from your existing or former apprentices.

- Start a YouTube or podcast series in which you talk about all aspects of your company's apprenticeships. This way, few questions remain unanswered and interested parties can get a detailed picture of the suitable occupation with you.

Currently, the digital path is almost unavoidable. Therefore, be sure to offer the possibility of a digital application. Whether by e-mail or directly on your website with an application form.

Contactless job interviews are also becoming more and more popular and can be easily handled via a video interview with video phone software.

So you see, even in times like these, the search for new apprentices can be well implemented.

We wish you every success in your search for apprentices.

Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 22.04.2021 um 13:00 Uhr