Anyone working from home for the first time will realise that coordination is the key to being just as effective and focused as in the office. Here are a few tips to help you coordinate your home office working hours properly:

1. set fixed appointments to coordinate with your colleagues!

We've all been there. Spontaneous coordination and meetings in the company. Sometimes the most important things are discussed over coffee to save time. However, this approach is not advisable when working from home. The fact is, coordination takes place digitally. If this is officially scheduled in your calendar, the other colleagues or superiors will see that you are in a meeting. If such a spontaneous meeting is held over the phone or via a video conference, you are not available and may get bogged down with your scheduled appointments. So here's a tip from me: plan such coordination appointments firmly into your calendar or make sure you have enough of a buffer between your planned appointments for such spontaneous actions.

2. make use of digital communication solutions!

As mentioned above, digital communication solutions are essential when working from home. Whether it's a phone call with a team colleague via video call or a conference call with your superiors or customers. A conversation is always more effective than an email. So don't stop yourself from taking off with new digital solutions. Believe me, it will make everyday life in the home office a lot easier!

3. prioritise tasks together with your team colleagues!

Every employee has their own view on prioritising their tasks. This makes it all the more important to prioritise upcoming tasks together with your colleagues. If everyone is working from home without being able to look over each other's shoulders, it is almost impossible to avoid prioritising individual areas.

4. celebrate even small successes as a team!

What could be nicer than toasting joint projects with your team partners? You shouldn't miss out on this even when working from home. Especially when you don't see each other every day and your mood is a little demotivated and sluggish, it's all the more important to celebrate joint successes. Have a video conference and talk about the positive things that happened during the project and what went particularly well this time. Everyone has a drink! It doesn't matter whether it's wine, beer, sparkling wine or water, the main thing is to toast and enjoy it together! Especially in times of the pandemic, such "online celebrations" have been used in many areas. Whether digital stag parties, birthday parties, concerts, family reunions, girls' evenings, company parties, etc. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation!

Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 29.07.2021 um 13:00 Uhr