Extension of project rights, presence status directly visible on the desktop clock and much more:

  • No more password requirement for SMTP:
    In Administration - Email - SMTP - Settings - The password is now no longer a required field!

  • Desktop clock extended to include presence status:
    We have extended the desktop clock and added the presence status. This means that you can see directly on the desktop clock when you have been present or absent (e.g. when you have punched out for the break).
Presence Status Desktop Clock
  • New project rights:
    A few things have changed in the projects. On the one hand, the various settings areas are divided into individual tabs. Furthermore, we have extended the project rights with the department option. You can now give an entire department the right to book individual projects and, of course, still add other employees.
  • Right

  • Quick entry of project bookings:
    Under Projects - Quick Entry you can distribute the hours for employees to different projects. It is important to note that currently only hours can be distributed to the projects, but not start and end times. However, this will be expanded with a future update.
  • Fast entry

  • Extension of the travel expense report:
    Until now, the travel expense report could only be used for domestic trips. We have now extended this so that the country selection is freely available and the foreign rates adjust accordingly.

  • PDF timesheet also possible per MA:
    The PDF timesheet can now also be exported per employee. To do this, call up the employee directly in time recording and click on the arrow next to "Export" in the top right-hand corner.
  • PDF timesheet

    Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 07.10.2021 um 13:00 Uhr