In the Corona protections, we distinguish between three types of rights. You can read in this article which authorisation has been newly added!

The rights are all assigned in the "Administration - Employees" area, per employee in the master data.

We distinguish between the rights "Limited self-administration", "Limited administrator (Corona)" & "Administrator (Corona)".

The "Limited self-administration" (to be found in the employee master data at the top right), allows the employee his own documentation of the immunity certificates. He can only view his own entries and can also only make entries for himself. With this right, the employee is obliged to provide proof of his or her entry with a photo or documentary evidence of the test results and certificates.

Limited self-government

The administrative rights of other employees can also be assigned in the employee master data in the area "Main department - Other departments". What is the difference between the rights "Administrator (Corona)" & "Limited Administrator (Corona)"? & "Limited Administrator (Corona)" is, read here:

Administrator (Corona):
This right can be assigned at company or department level. The employee can use this to make entries for colleagues and view, download, edit or remove the entry.

Limited Administrator (Corona):
This right can also be assigned at company or department level. The employee can make entries, upload documents and edit information for colleagues. However, he or she cannot view or download the uploaded documents or delete the entry.

Limited Corona Administration

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