2010 - How it all began:

At the time, EGOTEC was just under 10 years old and focussed primarily on its in-house content management system EGOCMS. Eventually, the decision was made to develop another mainstay and the search began for a product that would fit the company.

The potential of the project work of a former trainee was quickly recognised. He had developed a time recording and holiday management system for internal use.

Once the decision had been made to adapt the quality of the software to market requirements, it was reprogrammed internally.

After just under a year of development, the time recording system was launched in January 2011 and won its first customers. Many of these customers, who were with us from day one, have remained loyal to us to this day and have experienced the entire development process of SaaS.de.

The launch with the time recording and holiday management modules was therefore a complete success. However, it quickly became clear that the two modules were not enough to cover our own internal requirements and external customer requirements.

In2013 , project time recording was therefore added to the success story.

As SaaS.de was very customer- and solution-orientated right from the start, other modules were gradually added that offered our customers enormous added value.

This was followed in2015 by the shift plan and, shortly afterwards, the project deployment plan.

The timing for travel expense accounting in 2020 was very unfavourable. Nevertheless, this was also a module that has become indispensable in HR management and was therefore a must-have addition to our cloud platform.

As part of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, we released a new module at the beginning of 2021. The appointment module helped several hundred retailers to keep the barriers to returning to the shop as low as possible.

2021 - What's next?

  • Room management - As a project with the city of Freiburg, we developed a room management system to organise the meeting rooms in the new town hall. In addition, we developed the hall tool, which we adapted so that it also served as a management tool for the city's sports halls.
  • Room management has now also been integrated into SaaS.de and is currently undergoing some internal testing. As soon as the final version is ready for release, we will of course announce this officially.
  • Shift plan update - As you could read above, the shift plan is also one of our older modules. After the update of the entire user interface in 2017, our shift plan has remained the same. This is finally about to change! As soon as we have some sneak peaks, we will share them with you.
  • Another module that is already in the starting blocks is our digital personnel file. The beta version is already available for free testing in your SaaS.de account under "My Account-Order". The current version allows HR managers to upload all documents directly to the employee and manage them practically, quickly and easily with the help of resubmissions and workflows.
  • Last but not least, our mobile application is getting a major update. We want to make it possible for all modules that are integrated in the SaaS.de desktop version to be optimised for mobile use. For example, the travel expense report could be conveniently completed directly on a smartphone.

Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 06.07.2021 um 12:00 Uhr