Update 23.03.2021 15:00:
We all would have liked to avoid it, but the regulations on the Corona pandemic have been tightened again. The talk is of the one-off "Easter rest", in which the Easter weekend, in keeping with the motto #wirbleibenzuhause, is extended to the period from 01.04. - 05.04.2021.

Are the regular working days on 01.04. & 03.04.2021 now public holidays or ordered company holidays after all?

SaaS.de has a simple solution for both scenarios.

Procedure for one-off public holidays:

To store one or more public holidays in your company calendar, open Administration - Public Holiday Calendar and call up the public holiday calendar used via the pencil icon.

Administration Holiday Calendar.png

In the card "Additional holidays" you can enter 01.04 & 03.04.2021 and add a suitable designation. The ticks for "Half day" and "Recurring" do not have to be set because they are whole days of rest that are not to be entered recurringly next year.

Additional holidays.png

Confirm with "Save" and repeat the process if you use several public holiday calendars for your company.
The additional public holidays have been successfully entered for you and your employees. If absences such as Easter holiday were already entered, they will be recalculated retroactively.

Calendar view holiday.png

Procedure for company holidays:

To enter company leave for the entire company, open the leave administration - departments and select the company.

Company calendar.png

Then click on 01.04.2021 to open the editing window. Enter the period 01.04.-05.04.2021 and select the company under "Enter for". Confirm by clicking on the tick.

Company holiday.png

The company holiday was successfully registered for the entire company.

Calendar view company holiday.png

Whatever the decision, with SaaS.de you are prepared and can implement the requirements quickly and easily.

Always on the safe side with SaaS.de!

Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 23.03.2021 um 15:00 Uhr