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The latest trends in HR tech are developing rapidly and involve both new and existing tools that adapt to current circumstances. Increasingly, we have noticed that many SMEs lack the time to discover different possibilities due to the dominance of day-to-day business.

We at therefore want to enable you to gain an overview of the latest trends and recognise the potential of the latest solutions for your company. In order to present you with an overall picture in the areas of recruiting, leadership development and personnel administration, we have looked for suitable partners. We present the following solutions:

  • personnel administration

    How can you combine time recording, holiday management and much more in a reliable and modern way (e.g. mobile working) without incurring an extreme amount of extra work?
  • This requires a combination of the tried and tested and innovation, so that time recording/leave management can be seamlessly integrated into payroll accounting and potential can be unleashed.
  • Co-leaders - further development of next-generation managers for team and project leaders

  • The start-up "Co-Leader" has developed individual potential analyses, personalised learning paths and interactive learning platforms to enable SMEs to develop their managers in a targeted and efficient manner. Regular repetitions and on-the-job training also ensure that what has been learnt is remembered in the long term.
  • smartMatch - digital recruiting for SMEs

  • The digital recruiting process makes it easier for HR staff to find the right candidates to meet their requirements. With the help of such a digital solution, you are accompanied from the advertisement to recruitment and the focus is on people and their skills.

We know how valuable your time is and therefore keep the presentation short and concise. For each solution, 10 minutes + enough time to answer your questions are scheduled. All the information you see in the livestream will be sent to you afterwards. This allows you to concentrate fully on the content during the stream.

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