Good customer support is essential for successful companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. Whether before or after the purchase of a product, support is the central point both externally and internally. But what makes good customer service? We would like to answer this question by describing how our customer support deals with daily enquiries.

What makes our customer support so special?

Interactions with customer support begin on Questions or problems usually reach us by email or phone. We guarantee a response within 24 hours. In most cases, this time frame is sufficient to solve support requests or problems. However, sometimes we also receive support cases that cannot be dealt with overnight and require a little more time from the developers.

Our support agents are experts in our products and are therefore able to provide diverse and proactive technical support. Their daily tasks include assisting customers with all aspects of installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades and system launches. This also includes support with initial set-up.

Time and time again, customers praise us for the expertise of our support team. Their friendliness, patience, humanity, quick response and sense of humour are highlighted.

How does the company support the support team?

A good organisational division and the distinction between technical and general questions is extremely important for the support agents in their daily work. For this reason, our team is divided into first-level and second-level support and also uses a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The CRM serves as an administration tool, reduces the documentation effort and helps to keep track of all interactions with a customer database.

  • Support ticket for clear identification

  • Our ticket system helps the support team to allocate e-mail and telephone enquiries. The support ticket is labelled with a number and is necessary for internal forwarding or for the customer who wants to enquire about the status. Thanks to the link with our CRM, our employees can also access all previous enquiries from a user via the available channels. Even if a solution has been found for the ticket, the customer has been informed and the ticket is marked as "closed"", it remains visible to our support team.
  • First level support

  • The first level is the first point of contact for users. The task of the first-level support staff is to categorise the users' requests and assess whether a problem can be solved promptly. A separate "ticket" is opened in the system for each of these enquiries and closed again once the problem has been resolved. Our ticket system enables the support team to document and categorise questions, faults and problems. However, if first-level support is unable to find a solution to an existing issue, the ticket is forwarded to second-level support.
  • Second-level support

  • At second level, our technical department deals with the problem at hand in detail, particularly in the case of complex technical enquiries. Once a problem has been solved, the user is informed of the solutions as quickly as possible. Another task of the second level is to collect frequently occurring problems and offer quick solutions. Furthermore, second-level support takes over the training of the first level.

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