In the current times, home office is a big topic.

In this article we explain why the combination of time recording and project time recording can be helpful right now.

Many people can see themselves in the situation right now: A large number of employees are in the home office and complete their tasks and projects from home. It is difficult to see how far the individual projects have been worked on and which employee is currently working on which task. makes time and project documentation much easier.

Since is a cloud-based solution, employees can easily access time recording from home without installation. The times can be booked directly to projects, so that the supervisor or colleagues from the same department can see how much time has already been spent on the individual projects and how high the degree of completion is.

This gives you a detailed overview of the working hours and project times even when you are working at home.

At the same time, you also fulfil the documentation obligation regarding the recording of working hours in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 08.06.2020 um 12:00 Uhr