A lot has happened again at SaaS.de. In this article, you can find out what the biggest new changes are.

1. list of invoice items

Our price classes will now be listed individually in the invoices(1st-10th / 11th-50th / 51+ users). This means that if you use licences across several price classes, these will be displayed individually as an item. As a customer, you can now also see the respective factor(e.g. for repeat orders).

2. pay out holiday entitlement

In the old status of extra holiday, it was only possible to pay in or out extra holiday. This has now been extended so that in future not only extra leave but also holiday entitlement can be paid out. An example: An employee receives 5 days extra leave per year (e.g. for severe disability). If holiday days were paid out to him, these were deducted from the "paid-in" extra holiday. If he was entitled to 5 days extra leave and 2 days were paid out, this was not shown in the leave account. The extra leave days were therefore reduced from 5 to 3.

Pay out holiday entitlement

With the new function, you can now pay out holiday entitlement instead of extra holiday and see this in the holiday calendar as follows:

paid out

3. no sending of passwords

SaaS.de no longer sends initial or automatically created passwords to newly created employees or if the password is to be reset via the administration. These emails now contain a link with which the employee must set their own personal password.

The procedure is identical for forgotten passwords (via the login) and for resetting passwords (via the administration).

If the link has expired, it must be triggered again(Administration - Employees - Key icon "Reset password" or on the login screen via "Forgot password").

4. extension of the payment methods

In future, SEPA direct debit can now also be used as an annual payment method (My account -> Payment information).


Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 26.02.2020 um 16:00 Uhr