Would you like to take on your trainees as permanent employees after their training? Great, then pay attention to the following points so that the trainees don't look for another job:

  • Discuss what their future wishes and expectations are after the apprenticeship.
  • Raise the subject of a permanent position with your trainees in good time.
  • Point out further training opportunities, e.g. subsequent studies, further training, etc.
  • Make an attractive offer.

But what happens if you don't take on your trainees after their training? Pay attention to the following points:

  • Let the trainees know in writing 3 months before the official end of their training that they will not be taken on.
  • Provide them with a good reference to make it easier for them to find a job.
  • Part with your trainees fairly and respectfully.
  • Communicate openly: Do the trainees have any remaining holiday or hours that need to be paid out or are there any minus hours outstanding? Inform the trainees in good time about these issues, which should be properly clarified before the end of the employment relationship.

Would you like to take on the trainees, but they have already changed direction?

  • Ask openly for the reason and deal objectively with the statements and any criticism.
  • Part ways with your trainees on good terms.

Regardless of which direction things take with your trainees, open and transparent communication is important.

Who knows, maybe you will meet again in your working life.

Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 28.05.2021 um 09:00 Uhr