helps you to significantly minimise your effort in personnel management tasks such as recording working hours and absence planning. This way you have your valuable working hours for the really important tasks. We now want to further expand this approach and additionally make it easier for you to process our invoices.

The keyword here is "e-invoice receiving" or "electronic invoices"!

We will be happy to explain what this means.

Our invoices are compatible with "basware". This is a solution that automates the process from purchase to payment and provides you with a transparent overview of your invoice processing. So if you already use "basware", invoices can be processed digitally and automatically directly via this solution.

Would you like to know more about "basware"? -

Let us help you save time in the right places!

If you have any questions, the entire team will be happy to help.

Created by Tagliarina Sabrina am 10.07.2020 um 12:57 Uhr