New function "trial period“

The probationary period can now also be stored in the employee master data. The system will then issue 1/12 of the annual leave entitlement for each completed calendar month for the period from the entry date to the end of the probationary period.

I will show you how the probationary period is stored and what it looks like in the end in the holiday calendar with our demo employee "Harry Potter".

Example Harry Potter:

Our employee Harry Potter has been employed by our company since 01.03.2022.

Step 1: Administration - Employees

I call up the employee "Harry Potter" in the employee list and open his master data. I then check whether the entry date has been set to 01.03.2022 and enter the "END of probationary period" underneath. In our example, this is 01.09.2022, i.e. 6 months probationary period!

Employee_Trial period until

Step 2: Checking the leave account

Our employee Harry Potter uses a working time profile with an annual leave of 30 days. This is now only displayed for completed calendar months for the 6-month probationary period. This means that he currently only sees 1/12 of his total annual leave, as only the month of March has been completed so far.

If we open the holiday administration, we see the current pro-rata holiday entitlement of 2.5 days. This is calculated as follows:

30 days annual leave entitlement / 12 months * 1 completed month = 2.5 days

Leave account

With this function, an employee can only take as much leave during his probationary period as he is entitled to for the completed calendar months. Once the end of the probationary period is reached, he or she receives his or her full annual leave entitlement!

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