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Changing of absences

Already existing absences (Holiday, Illness etc..) can now be edited (Start / End / Type etc...), If an employee makes a change it is of course sent to Workflow for approval.



The display of possible replacement can now be restricted in the company settings under Leave. That way employees can only see the colleagues from their own department etc...

Vertretung Rechtabhängig

Also now a "permanent" replacement can be set for each employee. This will automatically be entered at every new request but still can be changed at any time if necessary.

Vertretung auswählen

Show supervisors in department's calendar

At the level department can be set if supervisors (head of department etc...) should be shown in the department's calendar view of an employee.

Vorgesetzte anzeigen

A long break in timekeeping

An absence exceeding 4 hours is no longer displayed as a break in timekeeping. Only time bookings are shown without any breaks.


Time sheets as Excel export

A time sheet has now been added to the export of the timekeeping, containing the separate bookings per day, presented in one row (if surcharge has been set its breakdown is also shown)




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Wunder, Anne-Kathrin

am 31.08.2015 um 08:00 Uhr



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