Time clock app: Please check your iOS version!

Since our last server move, some older iOS versions are no longer compatible with SaaS.de.

Affected are:

    IE11 and Safari versions of iOS 6,7,8.
    MacOS older than 10.11


If you are using one of these affected devices, please replace it with a newer device.

Please also have a look at our Android terminal. We offer this for a monthly rental of 29,90€. The device is always up to date and will be exchanged if necessary (newer model). Another advantage of the terminal is the integrated RFID function, which allows employees to clock in and out quickly and easily via RFID chip.

Please take a look at our product page and contact us if you have any questions! 

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Created by

Wienhusen, Sabrina

Vertrieb und Support SaaS.de

am 14.06.2022 um 11:00 Uhr



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