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To match all customer wishes and develop new exciting features, has enhanced its functions and got way more performance in the last couple of months.

We want to fulfill all legal requirements, especially regarding privacy, data availability and security standards. More updates and enhancements will follow in the near future. So you can be confident, that your data and the personal data of your employees and customers will be saved safely and reliable - proven by an ISO27001 certificate!

Since our solution is very competitive, we decided to make some small adjustments regarding our pricing.

New prices 2020:

Time recording, Projects, Schedule Plan:

No. of users

Previous price

New price

1. - 10. 1,80€ / 2.40 USD 2,00€ / 2.40 USD
11. - 50. 1,40€ / 1.90 USD 1,70€ / 2.00 USD
from 51. 1,00€ / 1.40 USD 1,50€ / 1.80 USD

Leave management, Shift plan:


Old Price

New Price

1. - 10. 0,90€ / 1.20 USD 1,00€ / 1.20 USD
11. - 50.

0,70€ / 0.95 USD

0,85€ / 1.00 USD
from 51. 0,50€ / 0.70 USD 0,75€ / 0.90 USD

This changes will apply for new customers as of February 1st 2020. For existing customers the adjustments will apply from April 1st 2020 onwards. For existing customers with annual payment this will apply beginning January 1st 2021.

If you want to cancel your active contract due to this changes, you are entitled to do this until 31.03.2020.

Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact us in case of further questions regarding

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Wienhusen, Sabrina

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