Planning of Leave and More

Important! Change in Google

Until now it was possible to sign in with your Google email address and password through the "normal" login. Unfortunately Google made changes and now you can sign in only via your Google account by clicking the Google+ button (see screenshot).

Login über Google


Important: in case you used your Google access details for the time clock, the timekeeping app or the Tray-Icon you now have to directly set a password at Log in at with the Google+ button, then go to Start -> Change password! With this password the login works again as usual.

Planning of Leave

It was a big issue was first to be able to plan a leave before you directly apply for it. In order your employees to be able to plan their leave you have to activate the required leave options (Start -> Leave -> Reasons for Absence). A planned absence does not yet go through the approval process. Applying for the planned leave is done vie the Change function.


Individuality in

To personalize you can set your own logo for emails and for the desktop. Under Start -> Upload Logo you can upload the logo of your company (in png format). The recommended size is 350 x 100 pixel, as well as a transparent background. Bigger images are automatically scaled down.

eigenes Logo

Target hours on holidays

Due to many customer requests, we have added a feature to the profiles that allows to add target hours even on holidays. This feature is especially important for the catering industry.

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Wunder, Anne-Kathrin

am 31.08.2015 um 08:00 Uhr



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