Core Time

Core Time

Administration > Profiles > Target Hours & Working Time Frame > Core time
Unlike the Working Time Frame, when using Core Time the times are not being rounded up.In case of a breach of the core time (comming too late / leaving too early ) the bookings are sent to Workflow and have to be approved by a superior.
Start and End here are marking the latest start and the earliest end of the working time.


Dynamic Surcharges

Due to request of many customers the surcharge for night work can now be individually customized.
Under Administration > Surcharge you can define what surcharge (percentage) to be payed at what time.

Dynamische Zuschläge


The expired leave days due to change of year are now being shown

In order to ensure that your employees are not surprised when a part of their remaining previous year leave expires that is now shown in the leave account. That is of course only when a maximum leave transfer has been set for the profile.

Verfall der Urlaubstage

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