Changes and innovations in the summer

Despite summer time our developers are always on the verge of implementing new features and changes for you.

Maintain multilingual absence reasons

In the overview of the reasons for absence (Start> Pensions> absence reasons), you can enter the name for other language users. So then see this absence reasons in your language.

You miss another language in then please write to us at


Archiving profiles

As in the projects possible, and profiles can now be archived. So the overview made much easier in the Administration. By clicking the Archive button archived profiles can be displayed and hidden again.

Profile archivieren

Approve overtime

Authorize the operation of the overtime was added to a long time ago. Now you can differentiate from which number of overtime a approval workflow is to be performed.

Überstunden genehmigen

Setting at the statutory minimum leave

If the setting of the minimum statutory holiday actively, so it can be adjusted if necessary individually. The statutory minimum leave of 20 days with a 5-day week you can adapt to your company / Table of specifications here.


Download button in the Time Recording

In order to simplify the report, you now have the ability to export via the Download button in the timesheet individual "leaves".

Download Zeiterfassung

E-Mail for planned absence

Seven days before a planned absence starts, a reminder email will be sent to the employee, so that it can then decide whether it converts the planned vacation in a vacation request.

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