App Time Recording

That's what our Time Recording App can do:

You're looking for a solution to minimize your effort and cost in personal management?

Something, that is ready within a few minutes and gives you the oppurtunity to book times, projects and leave?

So you should use our App "Time Recording" on your smartphone or tablet to track times and projects flexible on mobile!

It guarantees the optimum for representatives which don't work in a office or other fixed working place and have to record their working times.

Also the App "Time Recording" is a sulution to see your current Time and Leave Account on mobile!


Here's the download:

iOS Android


App Time Clock

That's what our Time Clock can do:

Your looking for a solution to see the presence of your employees on an quick overview?
A easy and quick possibility to arrive and leave fast?

Then our App "Time Clock" might be the right solution for you. Intall the App on a Tablet or our Terminal and get started!

In relationship to the Project Management you can also book employees directly on projects.

Activate GPS on your device to see where the employee booked his last activaties and check it on Google Maps. At you can see which devices recently used the App.


Here's the download:

iOS Android